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Disaster Recovery Computer Activity

On 25/07/2012

Build and complete a Business Continuity Plan can not be improvised and inappropriate PRA may have very serious consequences for a company.

We have successfully carried out various tasks related to backup strategies (for AGF, SNCF, GSIT - Grouping System for Interbank Teleclearing, ...) as well as the construction and validation of a full-scale test of a PRA for SICF (Real Estate Company Railways - Paris).

To build a PRA, we rely on our experience and a proven methodology focusing on business services to produce and taking into account technology, organization and business processes.

Finally, we have developed a particular expertise in cloud computing element increasingly important in modern information systems and impacting a very particular way the PRA / PCA.

Security data centers / servers / services on the internet

You have a system of information support function or strategic value is vital to your business. However, you can not guarantee that a major computer problem occurs one day your services (fire, flood, industrial accident, epidemic, malice, ...) " 60% of small and medium enterprises that had a computer disaster disappear within five years , "according to Accenture with the following consequences:

  • Operating loss,
  • Financial losses and heritage
  • Loss of image
  • Commitment to corporate responsibility and its legal representative,
  • Partial or total destruction of data,
  • Temporary or permanent inability of upturn,
  • Repairs and replacement
  • Layoffs, immobilization of the staff

We offer:

  1. Assessing the level of risk PRA / PCA according to plausible scenarios.
  2. Audit / Consulting strategies on your backup / restore.
  3. Council on the establishment of a PRA compatible with your business commitments.
  4. Audit / Council on the impact of the use of online computing (SaaS, Cloud Computing)

You are a business leader, CIO or IT director of production, we can check or set up a recovery plan or business continuity of your IT systems (ERP / PCA).

Safety of the user station (office PC)

The risks to your employees PCs are extremely diverse and mundane for some:

  • hardware failure or organizational
  • malice, theft, negligence,
  • fire ...

In case of fire, theft or breakage hardware, how you lose data permanently?

How many elements removable storage (USB key, external hard disk, ...) are used by your employees, especially those who have to travel? Is it safe?

If one of your laptop or your USB key is lost or stolen, are you sure that the data stored therein will not end up in your competitors?

We offer:

  1. Awareness days data security
  2. Council on the protection of user stations