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Ticket-Auris offers ICT Solutions

On 13/06/2013
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ICT Tickets are a simple way available to the SOHO / SME to provide consultancy to cost control.

All leaders know they have to make IT choices but not necessarily know where to turn or have by themselves the necessary knowledge. Call a consulting firm for an audit is out of the question.

So how do you make the right choice?

Tic tickets that meet challenges by providing an answer to the questions:

      • analyze an offer, quotation or invoice?
      • write a specification?
      • make a tender?
      • occasionally follow the implementation of a solution?
      • solve a problem with a computer service?
      • find a provider safety emergency?
      • form or seek training?
      • be updated to its web technologies?
      • learn about a problem or a legal procedure (CNIL, ...)?
      • create specific documents (IT charter, ...)?
      • analyze the value of a digital investment?
      • etc ...

click contact NB: Tic tickets are subject to interventions with our various partners specialized depending on the area concerned.