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Methodology Auris Solutions

On 07/03/2013
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When we conduct a mission encompassing all of our field of action we're rolling out the following methodology:

If the application concerns a department to produce

  • we begin by specifying all aspects of the service to produce
  • we determine the best balance between technology, organization & processes that can produce this service
  • we evaluate the relevance of possible solutions or implemented from a cost / risk / performance

In a second step, we allow the customer to understand and assess the impact of this service on the value of the company using the Business Model Generation tools.

methodologie auris solutions

If the application from a need expressed at the company's business analysis

The same methodology is applied in the opposite direction:

  • value analysis at the key elements of the business
  • determination of ICT services to ensure that valuation
  • cost / risk / performance
  • adaptation of technologies, organization or processes.