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The offer Auris Solutions: tools and digital uses strategy

On 23/07/2015
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Since 2009, the mission of Auris & Solutions is to accompany the changes of tools, of uses and economic model in businesses & communities. The definition of that mission has its foundations in the digital revolution whose arrival can be fixed operational in 2008 with the offer of online services Amazon AWS.

This task comes in a range of three types of service offerings:

  1. rocket-auris-solutions-digital Widespread hosting, cloud, online services have completely renewed the offer of IT tools. But what to choose for your business? This is the question that we respond with our service offering on digital tools .
  2. Nomadism, geolocation, shares ... the uses of your customers, employees and partners are changing very fast. How to accompany this change within your company? We have demonstrated our expertise in this area by developing a number of digital networks.
  3. The dysruption threatens virtually all business models in place. But how to understand, own and take advantage of the digital revolution to change the economic model? This question is at the origin of the foundation of Auris solutions and our consulting offer digital strategy has been developed to meet this challenge.

These three missions appear as and progresses digital mature companies that often start approach the subject through the acquisition of new tools.

When they acquired some of these new tools in the cloud, these companies are realizing that it has a quick impact on the uses and strong: they then seek to control this impact.

They are then ripe for the question to review their business model and to consider the establishment of a digital strategy.