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IT security

On 12/06/2012
I read with webReader

Security of the information system polaroid

News of cybercrime regularly reminds us how corporate IT is vulnerable.

The faults can be technical but organizational.

We enable companies:

  • evaluate and test their security level
  • strengthen their protections at the technical level
  • to educate their employees about the dangers & good security practices
  • with our partner lawyer specializing in IT issues, legally come into compliance (IT charters, CNIL, ...)

Security of computer data & Claims Management

The risks to the PC of your employees are extremely diverse and banal for some: material or organizational failure, malice, theft, neglect, fire ...

In case of fire, theft or breakage of material, how much you will lose data permanently?

How many removable storage elements (USB key, external hard drive, ...) are used by your employees, particularly those who have to travel? Are they secure?

If one of your laptop or your USB key is lost or stolen, are you sure that the data stored on it will not end up with your competitors?

We enable companies:

  • click-touch to update their protection or debug their machines after attack
  • to define an effective strategy for saving or attempting to recover data after a failure
  • to set up a PRA (Disaster Recovery Plan)

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